Guide to some birds of the Okhotsk region

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Eurasian Tree Sparrow   Passer montanus   Suzume

Everyone is no doubt familiar with the sparrow. Even though most people might know what a sparrow looks like, how many of them would be able to draw one from memory? It's a bird that many people know but also do not know. The basics of good bird-watching are best learned by carefully observing familiar birds.

[Suzume, the generic Japanese word for sparrow, is also the Japanese name for this species, as it is by far the most common type of sparrow in the country. In the Japanese bird world, Suzume refers only to the Tree Sparrow, as the House Sparrow (Ie-suzume), common in Europe and most other parts of the world, is only an Accidental Visitor (OSJ, 2012) in Japan including western Hokkaido. Another species of sparrow in the Okhotsk region is the Russet Sparrow (Nyuunai-suzume).]


Shari fishing port, 2 December 2003


A group of sparrows bathing in the snow. (Near Tofutsu Lake, Koshimizu, 18 December 2002)