Guide to some birds of the Okhotsk region

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Northern Raven   Corvus corax   Watari-garasu

The Northern Raven is a bit larger than the Large-billed Crow / Jungle Crow (C. macrorhynchos). It comes to Japan as a winter visitor and feeds mainly on the carcasses of large animals along the coast or in the mountains. Its call is varied ("qua-qua"; "kapo-kapo"; "calalalala", etc.), high-pitched, and carries a long distance. We can recognize its presence by these calls. Its bill is extremely large but the shape is normal, not curved like the bill of the Large-billed Crow.


Shari fishing port,
19 February 2001


The Northern Raven is on the left; on the right is a Carrion Crow.
(Mouth of the Shari River, 31 January 2001)


The length and size of the bill is clearly visible.
(Cape Notoro, Abashiri, 8 January 2003)