Guide to some birds of the Okhotsk region

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Hazel Grouse   Tetrastes bonasia   Ezo-raichou

In Japan, the Hazel Grouse lives only in Hokkaido and birders in other parts of the country yearn to see one. This bird is indeed a grouse, but this particular species also lives in lowlands as well as the mountains. Though its distribution extends throughout Hokkaido, there are few in the Nemuro and Soya areas, and their dwindling numbers everywhere in recent years is causing concern. Their high-pitched "peee, peeppeeppee" is often heard in mixed deciduous and pine forests, but they basically do not live in the larch (karamatsu) forests that have been artificially planted on a wide scale. The Hazel Grouse is relatively common in the Okhotsk region, and in summer they can sometimes be seen walking with their chicks on forest roads. Be sure to drive slowly on forest roads.



Abashiri, 18 February 2004 (Photo: Tarobé-san)