Guide to some birds of the Okhotsk region

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Common Redpoll   Carduelis flammea   Beni-hiwa

The Common Redpoll comes to Hokkaido as a winter visitor, and numbers vary considerably from year to year. In good years, flocks of these birds can be seen in various places. Flocks vary in size from a few birds to as many as several hundred.

They like to eat the seeds of weeds such as Yomogi (artemisia) and Matsuyoi-gusa (evening primrose or sundrops). Since Common Redpolls are also seen at the sides of roads, they are easily mistaken for sparrows. However, the Redpolls are a bit smaller and a portion of their forehead is red. The males also have some red on their breast and belly.



(Shari, 8 February 2003)


Male. The breast is red. Males and females are the same size. (Shari, 11 April 2003)


(Shari fishing port, 9 January 2002)


Flock in flight.
(Shari fishing port, 9 January 2002)