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Places to Eat in the Abashiri Area

There is an enjoyable variety of places to eat in the Okhotsk region, from Japanese food to Western food, from fast food to slow food, from cafés to more formal restaurants, as well as land food and sea food. But in most areas, because we are in the countryside, your choice of cuisine might not be available where you happen to get hungry, and you'll be happy if you find anything at all. Convenience stores manage to suffice in a pinch. I hope the information below and on the other pages will help you find something more quickly, and make it enjoyable for you as well.

Important caveat: Places to eat in the region tend to come and go, open hours change, so it is not always possible to provide up-to-date information.

We start with Abashiri here; use the links above for other areas.

Abashiri area

Downtown, both south and north of the Abashiri River

Yobito, town at the entrance to the Yobito Birdwatching Trail

Komaba, Abashiri's shopping area, and gateway to Komaba Kinohiroba Forest Reserve

(Simplified PDF map, opening in a separate window)


Other places in Komaba we like to go to: Fat Boy (American-style hamburgers, steaks, all-you-can-eat salad bar) behind Best Denki electrical appliances; Nakau (fast-food-style udon, beef bowls, etc.; a nationwide chain), in front of Best Denki next to the "au" mobile phone shop; Sampachi Ramen (Chinese noodles), yellow building near Nakau, don't forget to take a free ice cream from the freezer in front of you when you check out!

*Walking from the Best Denki / Co-op supermarket area to Kinohiroba Forest Reserve is also possible, as there is another entrance via the residential neighborhood behind Shimamura and Hard Off. Walk through the ally between those two stores, out the employees' parking lot in the back, then turn left when you see your way clear to the forest. The entrance is near a small playground for kids. (See PDF map of Komaba mentioned above.)

*Another park within walking distance from this area is Komaba Park. Cross the main road (to the Lawson side) and walk west past Lawson less than 200 m up the hill until you get to the entrance to the park where you see trees and a stream below. The park is about 600 m long. There once were three spot-billed chicks and a mother here. There are also crows and foxes, a harsh environment for young birds. There have even been cases of children bullying birds here, and if you happen to see this sort of behavior, please do not be shy about telling them to stop, in any language you speak.