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A flock of around 30 Bean Geese (Hishikui; Anser fabalis serrirostris, or Tundra Bean Goose, in our area) were spotted here on the bank of mostly frozen Tofutsu Lake feeding at an exposed grassy area enroute from their wintering location in northern Honshu to their breeding grounds in Kamchatka. It was a surprise to see them this early; three days later another snowstorm arrived. (Tofutsu Lake, 2 March 2010; photo: DB)
On 5 March, the day of our snowstorm, I received news that 244 Bean Geese were sighted feeding near Yambetsu, between Hama-koshimizu and Shari. The daytime temperature was not below freezing and the snow was wet; the geese were probably getting enough to eat.